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Special Line to Australia

Enterance8 Australia logistics special line is an international special line logistics service opened by our company together with local freight resources in Australia. This service makes use of the high quality air transportation resources of the mainland and Hong Kong (direct flights of ordinary goods to the mainland, and flights of electric products to Hong Kong) and the advantages of Australia Post customs clearance, combining the two to create a cross-border e-commerce small package special line service with fast time efficiency and strong customs clearance.

Enterance8 selects Australia Post as its final delivery service partner. Australia Post has a strong delivery network, with 500+parcel operation centers, 20 million delivery addresses and 4000+post offices throughout Australia. There is a self-service parcel cabinet in Woolworths, Australia's largest supermarket chain.

Service advantages

Power containing and distribution products

Stable aging, 5-8 working days

Follow up the whole process, with a proper rate of 99%; It can be found on 17TRACK, the official website of Australia Post.

Timeliness is stable and tracked to proper investment.

Support shipping platform

Amazon, eBay, VOVA, Topletter, Shopify and other independent stations

Stable timeliness: 6 flights per week, high frequency and sufficient capacity

Fast speed: Hong Kong flies to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane

product details 

Billing weight: in KG;

Weight range: ≤ 20KG;

Goods with a tariff related value of more than 1000 Australian dollars will need to be officially cleared. Such goods will need to pay GST and customs duties. Currently, the GST rate is 10%, and the customs duties will vary according to the goods.

Instructions for receiving and sending articles

1. Products available: ordinary goods, electricity is acceptable, but the battery can not exceed 100WH;

2. Prohibited and restricted articles: articles prohibited from mailing for export packages in mainland China; Articles prohibited by airlines; Articles prohibited from mailing by local laws.

Such as: drugs, pure batteries, spray containers, alcohol liquids, asbestos, butane lighters, medical waste, toxic substances, corrosive substances, counterfeit money, drugs, dry ice, flammable and explosive substances, obscene substances, magnetic substances exceeding the standard, oxides and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, soluble paint coatings, counterfeit and counterfeit goods, etc. If the package is falsely reported, the loss and legal liability arising therefrom shall be borne by the customer.

Special precautions: It is strictly prohibited to mail animal and plant products, such as animal fur (such as human hair wig products)/pinecones, raw nuts (such as peanuts and walnuts)/fresh fruits and vegetables/sausages, various meat, milk and egg products/garlands, dried flowers and coniferous plants/bark, wood, straw products (such as straw hats), traditional Chinese medicine, tea, etc./sand, soil, seed products, second-hand personal items, laser pens, controlled weapons, etc, The description of the goods shall avoid the above words. If the local customs inspection and destruction costs are involved, the customer shall bear them. If the package is falsely reported, the loss and legal liability caused shall be borne by the customer;

3. Reference to prohibited articles

Australian inspection and quarantine: http://www.daff.gov.au/biosecurity/mail/cant-mail.  

Australian Customs:

http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page4369.asp ;